The Crew


 Joshua Hitchens (Hitch) – Airway MXP General Manager
I would like to take a minute to post a little about myself. Most of you probably have no idea who I am. My name is Joshua Hitchens. I was born and raised here in Spokane and I love it to this day. I was first introduced to the world of motorcycles at the young age of 5, with a Suzuki Jr. 50, and have had a deep-rooted love for the sport ever since. I don’t need to explain what happened next for the simple fact that a lot of you have the very same story…This track is all of ours. I view us as one big family bound together by the love of the sport of motocross. This is our practice facility were we all go to have fun and to create memories that last.
moto pic
 John Thorsen  ( JT ) (Promo Guy) – Airway MXP Public Relations

Hello all,

Well I would like to say my story starts like many others that love motor sports, I was hooked at a young age for speed and danger, LOL.  I started riding at the age of 6 years old on a 1977 Honda 50, and absolutely was hooked. Now many years later married for 17 years to my beautiful wife and best friend Shelby.  We have two kids that race Tanner (15) and Madelyn (10), for both this is their sport of choice.  I want to grow this sport on every level, and with the help of or advertisers and sponsors we will be able to do that here at Airway X.    I am very passionate about the sport,  and am very excited about  what we have planned here for the future of your track!!

John Thorsen  7/25/14

Our two gate guards.
 Greg & Carrie Gray (Gateman) – Airway MXP
Hi we are Greg and Carrie Gray. We have 3 amazing children, Jennifer, Justine, and Jake. We first started hanging out and racing at Airway when Jake was 12 years old in 2002. It was then, that we met many new faces who would become lifelong friends. We raced for 5 years until our son became a Marine. In 2008, Greg started working at Extreme Motorsports as the “Gateman”. I joined him in 2010 in the sign up booth, and at the finish line as lap counter. This is my third season and Greg’s 6th at Extreme Motorsports. We enjoy watching all the new and seasoned 3 riders. It has been a pleasure to work with Andy, Josh, and Crystal James, and all the fabulous track crew. Looking forward to working with the new owner Josh, in the upcoming season. See ya on race day!
Our crew member, Tripp Rogers announcing from the Airway MXP tower.
Tripp Rogers – Airway MXP
Born in Roswell New Mexico. Has one son, Bradyn Rogers, who turned 3 in January.
Regional voice of radio stations throughout the Northwest for since 1985 including Rock 106, Zrock 103.9, and Rock 94 & 1/2
Began announcing Motocross/Supercross in 2000, announced at Spokane, Tri-Cities, Washougal, Lewiston, Newport as well as
“Unleash The Freaks” Freestyle shows and Snow Freestyle shows around the northwest including Seattle and Portland events.
This will be Tripps sixth year on KHQ-TV/SWX broadcasting motocross, supercross, and flat track events for the station and the tracks.
Kyle Thomas
Kyle Thomas
I’m 22 years old and in school for microbiology. I love to ride and spend time outside, especially at the track. I have worked for the track for about six years now. I operate the finish line and maintain the track and the grounds.
Shane Harmon
Shane Harmon
Howdy Y’all, 
I’m Shane Harmon, I’m the lead flagger and this will be my 5th season at Airway Motocross Park
Part of my responsibilities include scheduling of track crew on race days, assign track crew duties, provide crew direction and feedback and anything else that may need attention.  On rare occasions, I also get the opportunity to announce (when Tripp lets me).  If you have any ideas, suggestions or criticism (constructive or otherwise), please feel free to track me down.
I also have the pleasure of watching my son race and have a unique opportunity to work with my other son who is a flagger.
Lastly, I want to thank Josh and John for providing this continuing opportunity to stay involved with the track and my extended motocross family. 



Kyle Harmon
Kyle Harmon
My name is Kyle Harmon and this is my 3rd year at Airway Motocross Park as a flagger.  My primary responsibility is maintaining rider safety through flagging, track prep and  section maintenance throughout the race day. After the race day is complete,  I help with track prep for the next day and also empty help the other track crew clear the trash cans and any other items that need to be completed before the day ends.



Lasondrah Edwards

Lasondrah Edwards – Airway MXP ____
I’m a mother of two beautiful, amazing daughters. Married to a wonderful husband. My family is my heart and world.
Born and Raised in Spokane. Lived in Hillyard most of my life. Work for Spokane Public Schools.
I like to laugh and enjoy making people happy. I buy people gifts cause I like to see their smiles.
I’m older then I look..haha . Yes, my hair is naturally curly…. And! I love all kinds of music.