These rules below are  in place to keep our Riders, Spectators, Fans and or Staff safe. Please read through and let us know if you have any questions.


Riders, remember you can be disqualified or at minimum  docked a lap as a result of your team members, pit personnel, or mechanic’s  actions.

No riders (with the exception of 50cc ) can receive outside assistance, or your rider can be disqualified as a result.
NO SPECTATORS WILL BE PERMITTED ON THE TRACK,  or your rider can be disqualified as a result.


  • Must be bought at the check in booth and worn at all times on the premises for organized practice and race events.
  • Riders-Wristbands must be worn on the riders wrist before he or she enters either of the tracks, and must have it on when spectating as-well(no exceptions).
  • Spectators and team members- Must ware there wristbands at all times during race and organized practice events.
Rider Apparel-

Riders must wear helmets at all times when riding though the pits or on a track.

Helmets must be of the full-face type and conform to one of the
following recognized standards. Which is certified by a label
affixed to the helmet.
1. United States: Snell M2010 or DOT FMVSS 218
2. UNITED NATIONS: Regulation ECE 2205 P’
3. United Kingdom: BSI 6658 Type A
4. Japan: JIS T 8133:2007
*Riders will be responsible for ensuring that the device is properly installed
and operable during all on-track activities.
*The use of a portable music player or an on board
is not allowed at any time during on-track competition,
including practice, qualifying and races.
*Face shields or Goggles must be shatter resistant. Goggles
must be worn at the start of each practice or event.
*Boots must be at least 8 inches high, with exception for kids.
*Jerseys must be long sleeve. Short sleeves or ¾ sleeves not
permitted. Elastic cuffs may not be removed. Sleeves must be worn at full length (to the wrist) during races and practicing on he track. Jerseys must be made of durable material.*

Bikes and Quads-
  • Front numbers must be a minimum height of 6 inches.
  • Side numbers must be a minimum height of 5½ inches.
Riders meeting-

*All riders entered in the event must attend the rider meeting.  These are held at the main tower before each event.

5 Flags-
  • * Solid Blue Flag:
  • 1. Indicates you are about to be overtaken by faster riders.
  • 2. When conditions allow, move out of the fast line.
  • 3. Hold your line (don’t ride erratically) and do not impede the faster riders progress.
  • 4. Riders disregarding the blue flag may be black-flagged at the discretion of Race Director.
  • * Yellow Flag :
  • 1. Indicates serious hazard on or near the track.
  • 2. No Jumping is allowed.
  • 3. Proceed with extreme caution.
  • *Black Flag:
  • 1. Indicates a problem with a rider’s motorcycle or a disqualification.
  • 2. A number board displayed with the flag indicates the rider being signaled.
  • 3. The black flagged rider must carefully reduce speed and proceed around the course to the mechanics area.
  • 4. Black-flagged riders are not permitted to return to the racecourse unless cleared by the Race Director.
  • *Red Flag:
  • 1. May be displayed anywhere on course.
  • 2. Indicates the practice, qualifying or race has been
  • stopped.
  • 3. Reduce speed and proceed safely as directed by a race official.
  • * White Flag with Red Cross :
  • 1. This flag may be displayed at the beginning of a triple jump or a series of jumps.
  • 2. The riders must roll each jump individually with no passing and exercise extreme caution until they are past the area of concern.
  • 3. This includes the sighting or cool down laps.
  • 4. Takes precedence over all other flags that may be displayed.
  • 5. The penalty for non-compliance of this flag during a race will be the loss of number of positions gained plus two additional positions in the final results for that race. If no positions were gained, the penalty will be the loss of two positions in the final results for that race.
Checkered Flag:
  •  Indicates the end of a race or practice session, proceed to the designated track exit.
Courtesy flags:
  •  Green Flag: Indicates the start of a race or clear track
  • White Flag: Indicates the final lap of a race.
  • White and Green Flags Crossed: Indicates 1/2 total race
Red Flag:

If for any reason a red flag displayed, the restart will follow under the 2014 AMA rules.

Off the track:

Before leaving a race facility, it is the responsibility of riders/teams to deposit all of their waste fuel, fuel drums, motor oils, coolants, tires, batteries, black water and all other hazardous wastes in the proper hazardous waste disposal.

*5 mph through the pits and riders must be wearing a helmet. No wheelies or burning out.

*When cleaning your equipment (gear, bikes, quads etc)  you must us the designated wash area.  No washing in the pit areas.

* If a person is doing any unsafe or inappropriate actions they will be told to leave the property by a track official .

* If and track official orders you to leave the property, and you refuse, you will be escorted off the property and will not be allowed to return.

Racers, you are responsible for your crew and team members actions.  If a penalty need to me handed down due to actions that a crew or team member had done, this will immediately be put into place.

*Parents and Guardians, you are responsible for child’s actions here as-well.

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