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    The company, always adhering to the people-oriented principle, values and safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of employees, creates fair, impartial and harmonious working environment and provides good career development platforms and channels for employees, strengthens the construction of personnel at all levels, and promotes the coordinated development between employees and the enterprise.

    The Company provides employees with broad career development opportunities in terms of international trade, which is conducive to the diversified exchanges among different platforms. Through the competitive platform of internal professional mobility, employees can fully display their knowledge and capacities. What's more, the Company has also set up many international-oriented business platforms in the rest of the world, on which employees will get highly accomplished by participating in a wide range of activities.

    Career development
    Company has always adhered the people-oriented principle to promote the development of employees and enterprise.
    Learning Resources
    There is an opportunity to study the customized training courses provided by well-known overseas schools abroad through selection and appointment.
    Career opportunities
    XINXING DUCTILE IRON PIPES GROUP co., ltd lay emphasis on staff’s career opportunities and company system of profession appreciation.