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        The outstanding enterprise culture is our precious wealth

        The enterprise culture is the highest target, value standard, basic faith and code of conduct which is cultivated and formed by all the employees in the long-term entrepreneurship and development process and followed by them. It contains rich contents, including operation philosophy, value concept, enterprise spirit, enterprise morals, team consciousness, enterprise image, and enterprise system, and its core is the enterprise spirit and value. The perfect enterprise culture construction can make the enterprise meet the demands from itself and the market, so that the enterprise can develop in a healthy and orderly manner.

        The enterprise culture is of important significance in the enterprise, it is a kind of spiritual culture, of institutional culture and also of material culture. The three cultures are like three concentric circles with the enterprise culture as the center, and are always rotating around the enterprise culture. The enterprise culture is like our blood and flesh, and our system is like our skeleton, only when the system and culture combine with each other, can we have both blood and flesh and stronger vitality, but not become human skeleton.

        The Party and Mass Department of the Company should be the leader and practitioner of the enterprise culture. The Party Organization is the guard of the enterprise culture construction. The position of the Party Organization of the enterprise determines its responsibilities for guarding and positioning the enterprise operation management, including enterprise culture construction. The Party Organization of the enterprise is responsible for guarding and revising the enterprise development directions and strategies, including enterprise culture construction. The Party ideological construction is consistent with the construction target of enterprise culture, and to carry forward the enterprise spirit is consistent with the Party's advanced requirements, and the Party Organization has rich experience in carrying out the ideological and cultural work, which can better highlight the characteristic that the enterprise culture construction has subtle influences, and realize the goal of enhancing employees' quality and providing intellectual impetus for the material civilization construction of the enterprise.

        The enterprise culture is the outstanding achievement of our long-term struggle. The historical culture of Xinxing accumulates the deepest operation pursuit of the enterprise, and represents the Xinxing people's unique spiritual identification. The top leaders and managers of every enterprise should start from their own characteristics, fulfill and cultivate the traditional cultural and spiritual quintessence by combining their production and operation, and lead the enterprise development and growth.

        We should constantly enrich the enterprise culture and promote the healthy development of the enterprise.

        We should carry forward the enterprise culture in the new era, and develop into a new harmonious and efficient state-owned enterprise. We should create the working environment of impartiality and integrity, sincerity and straightforwardness, solidarity and tolerance, cooperation and endeavor. We should follow the cadre demeanorof being clean, honest and self-disciplined, righteous and reasonable, being devoted to our duties, and being bound to obtaining achievements. We should carry forward the team spirit, have passion, be in good state, bravely take responsibilities, and do well in obtaining achievements.

        Constantly enrich the enterprise culture and then enrich our source of strength. One of the "Three Represents Theory" is to represent the onward direction of China's advanced culture. An advanced enterprise should constantly enrich its enterprise culture and then enrich the source of strength. Enterprise culture should also advance with the times, properly deal with the relations between relative fixation and advance with the times. Enterprise culture is relatively fixed and deposited, but should not be changed constantly, and inherits what is helpful and sublates what is not. We should constantly both fix and innovate the enterprise culture. The Party and Mass Department should maintain the strict standards, gradually lift the positive energy formed by the employees in the long-term practice to the level of enterprise culture, and make our enterprise and various units gain benefits, cultivate talents, and produce cultures. The top leaders of various units should attach importance to the enterprise culture construction, combine the system construction with culture construction, advance with the times, keep innovating, and enrich our sources of strength.

        Take the lead in practicing the enterprise culture and enrich the spiritual connotation. The Party and Mass Department should conduct the grassroots harmonious culture construction, regard the grassroots culture construction as a focus, not only transmit the documents from the Central Government, but also bring the grassroots section and shift tasks, bonus allocation and communication evaluation into the grassroots harmonious culture construction, realize the shift affair, system and evaluation openness, protect the grassroots employees' interests, and create the open and justified, solidary and friendly, and positive grassroots culture.