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    Manage sincerely:

    Integrity is the cornerstone, and innovation impetus. The Group should gradually unify the core philosophy of "grow in learning, and develop in innovation" with the operation philosophy of "integrity-based, and win-win cooperation" in the Group Company's philosophy system construction. The Company should insist on the scientific management system and advanced technical methods, strictly execute the programs, intensify the process control, standardize the post operation, eliminate the quality defects, and provide customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

    Enterprise integrity construction involves many areas, as an enterprise in the field of cast pipes, the Company puts integrity construction before "contract-honoring and promise-keeping" and "service quality improvement", which is the strategic and key point of the enterprise, and the managers and employees of the enterprise have fully realized the importance of integrity for the enterprises and individuals. Every member of the Company must shoulder the responsibility of integrity, and fulfill the obligation of integrity, achieve value consensus, faith observation, cooperation, maintain the enterprise integrity, and form the team spirit of honor credibility. Integrity is not only an honor, but also a responsibility; Not only a moral principle, but also a criterion; Not only a reputation, but also a resource.

    To create the integrity environment and improve the enterprise management level, according to the requirements of Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipe Co., Ltd., the Company should pay special attention to the internal control management and performance assessment system, attach great importance to the product quality management, and heavily invest in the hardware and software and transformation. Make greater efforts to achieve "lean" enterprise management. Target: 1. Value long-term effects, and form systems. Integrated Department checks the implementation situations of the quality management system regularly and irregularly. 2. Value training, and improve quality. Specific to the work requirements, the Company conducts the targeted training to the related staff. To promote the managers at various levels to observe the code of conduct, eliminate the thought that small integrity makes no difference and material gains are valued above justice, and make integrity be the criterion all the staff of the company abides by. Implement the Company's various management and supervision measures consciously and carefully, treat the work sincerely, do operations in strict accordance with specifications, strictly guard the quality pass, reward the staff who comply with rules and keep faith, and punish those who fail to do so, and ensure the healthy development of the Company.