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      Value creation:

      The Company fulfills the enterprise citizen responsibilities for serving the people and the society, and pays attention to the creation and improvement of economic, social and cultural values in every link and step of reform development, production operation and enterprise management. Creating the economic value is to push the performance growth and bring long-term capital and asset appreciation for the enterprise. Enhancing the social value is to act as the enterprise citizen, insist on safety production and environmental protection, perform the due social responsibilities, and make efforts to realize the green, low-carbon, healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise. Enriching the cultural value is to carry forward the good tradition of the Group, develop the spirit of "continuous self-improvement and self-transcendence" and the style of "pursuing truth, practicality and innovation". The economic, social and cultural values promote each other, and push the enterprise development and social progress together.

      "Mutual benefit and win-win result, and mutual creation and sharing" is the value of the Group, we should build the concept of "competition and cooperation", respect and learn from our competitors, and pursue mutual benefit and win-win result with them in competition and cooperation; We should be kind and supportive to our customers, and pursue mutual benefit and win-win result with them in strategic cooperation; We should promote the enterprise value maximization, seek for the shareholder value maximization, bravely undertake political, social, economic and ecological responsibilities, and realize the stakeholders' harmonious win-win result. We should insist on the principle of putting people first, promote "mutual progress of people and enterprise", create the ever-green undertaking together, build the harmonious enterprise together, share the development achievements together, and win the bright future together. We should constantly optimize systems and explore innovative mechanisms, and improve the capacities of the technical innovation system; We should keep high-level R&D investment, promote the R&D of important new products and technologies in the planning period, and support the enterprise operation and industry transformation and upgrading.

      The enterprise goal is the expected effect or result of the enterprise production, operation and management activities within a certain period, and is the phased achievement manifestation of the gradual realization of enterprise vision. According to our reasonable judgment of external situations and enterprise development trends, and by combining our enterprise development strategic planning, we have determined the "three-phase" goal.

      Establish ourselves steadily in the national team. Remain in the "national team" and stand in the "national team" firmly in the restructuring layout where the shareholders and the regulator - State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council is "endeavoring to form 80-100 large companies and large enterprise groups with advanced technologies, reasonable structures, flexible mechanisms and strong international competitiveness". "Establish" embodies that we regard "standing in the national team firmly" as the necessary road and the prerequisite for implementing the strategic goals steadily till achieving the common vision.

      Be among the top 50 central enterprises. Based on standing in the national team firmly, we strive to be among "30-50 enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and well-known brands", develop into "large companies and large enterprise groups with international competitiveness", and play the due backbone role in the important fields of national economy.

      Make a spurt towards the Global 500. Based on the previous two steps, we constantly improve our core competence and expand the development space, endeavor to be in an advanced position among the Global 500 as soon as possible after efforts for a while, keep improving our rank in the Global 500, and lay a solid foundation for "developing into a first-class enterprise group in the world".